Why Machma Plast ?

Machma Plast 2024 will promote the latest technology and plastic industry. Our major participant will be from manufacturing plastic raw material & petrochemicals from different parts of India our event will create an excellence platform to publicise & display the latest products services will enhance their business network

Being the participant your presence will be their in your business partners mind all the time In our event there will be an exclusive programer for business matchmaking , launching of latest products, live demonstrations & awards.


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At a Global level the Chamber has been working with the Embassies and High Commissions in India to bring in the International Best Practices and Business Opportunities, Industrial Development, Health, Education & Skill development, Infrastructure, and Digital India are the key thrust areas of the Chamber.

The plastic industry is growing at a steady pace and is estimated to grow in the coming times with the continuous focus and support from the Government programs. The sector is expecting a growth of 25-30% by 2020. These developments will set India as one of the key plastic market globally.

Among many industries which contribute to the demand for Plastic Industry and related technologies, the plastic industry is one of the largest consumers in India. Plastic Industry are used extensively across several applications, so these products are at high demand in india.

Some of the key highlights of the exhibition:

  • Launch of latest products.
  • Visit of Foreign delegations for buying of products. 
  • Visit of VIP’s as buyers
  • 450+ Exhibitors